Environmental Stance

Nail Snail® Environmental Stance

The Nail Snail® is proud to announce we are the winners of the Roar Awards Gold Winner Eco Product - Best Baby Children's Product 2019!

The Nail Snail® is a product owned by Christie & Christie® Pty Ltd.

Christie & Christie® is a 100% Australian family owned company and is committed to creating and sourcing responsible products and packaging, actively seeking to tread lighter on this Earth.

The Nail Snail® has been designed with sustainability at the forefront. The product is designed with a useful life expectancy of 30 years. Minimal ongoing maintenance is a key component to reducing the impact we have on our environment. The Nail Snail® has no disposable components, requires no batteries, no replacement parts, requires occasional cleaning and has been designed so as to be a multiple use tool with its 3-in-1 design. The Nail Snail® is a one-time investment with a lifetime of use. The only thing you’ll be tossing in the bin are the nail trimmings.


Nail Snail® Manufacturing Process

Since the initial concept of it was to be made into a tangible product, every decision and its environmental impact has been carefully considered. Initial sampling was kept to a minimum to reduce wastage and negate the need to produce numerous expensive and disposable moulds. We tried to ‘nail it’ on the first go. We have purchased a more expensive steel mould which lasts for longterm, mass scale production instead of purchasing cheaper, less durable aluminium moulds.

The Nail Snail® is manufactured using the highest quality materials available, which makes it durable and sturdy. In all production stages, we have utilised an exceptional factory with the highest global ethical standards. This was a conscious decision to make sure we protected and valued every person that handles a Nail Snail®, no matter where they are in the world.  The production facility utilises the highest global Standard Manufacturing Techniques. Sub-standard practises can often negatively impact society and the environment. The Nail Snail® factory has minimal waste environmental waste management systems, a recycling program in place and uses solar panels.

The Nail Snail® isn’t available in a wide variety of colours, reducing unnecessary materials and manufacturing consumption required to produce multiple colour variants on a regular basis. We have chosen to stick to our traditional turquoise and have only offered limited run colour options made exclusively for our charities. This has reduced the need to have multiple dyes.

When we swapped from our original packaging to our updated version and when our metal part changed from TM to ®; we used every single ‘old’ component part and did not throw away one single piece. These 10,000 pieces could have been deemed waste, but Julia was determined to use every last piece. All of our coloured samples that were unused (100 pieces) we are using as prizes in our giveaways. There is no need to destroy something which is perfectly useful. We strive to maintain a minimal waste practise.  

Nail Snail® Packaging

The individual packaging was selected for its durability, compact size and lightweight nature. It is also completely recyclable. Due to these features, it reduces additional postage costs and packaging materials, therefore further reducing landfill. The Nail Snail® can be displayed in a cardboard counter top display box. Retailers have the option to purchase this reusable, refillable box and become active participants in reducing waste, rather than receiving a single use box with each order.

When marketing the Nail Snail®, promotional materials are kept to a minimum conserving paper and printing. In addition, we donate all our used packaging materials, cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap to the local daycare and school to be used for their arts and crafts. The kids just love our big cardboard boxes.

Any time we ship product, we make sure we have a full container load, even when this may cause delays, in order to not have any unused space. Minimal and lightweight packaging reduces manufacturing and postage costs as well as our carbon footprint.


Nail Snail® Giving Back

Any Nail Snail® with a small minor fault to the plastic part (10 so far) is still 100% functional and are donated to a maternity health care centre in Bali. We will continue to donate these to various groups worldwide. 

We have a limited edition colour that donates $1 from each sale to an Australian, child or parenting based charity.

We often donate Nail Snail® trimmers to charity auctions and prizes. 


Nail Snail® Office & Business Practises

When designing the Nail Snail® office space, natural sunlight and airflow were major factors, reducing the need for excess power consumption for lighting, air con etc. All of our used office supplies are recycled, shredded or used for compost. Even the worms are happy.

Marketing is primarily conducted through online and web based sites, further reducing our environmental impact. Any flyers that are produced are made from recycled materials and can then further be recycled. 

The Nail Snail® is an eco-friendly design, manufacturing, packaging and the way we conduct our business at Christie & Christie® are all carefully considered and conscientious choices aimed at reducing our impact on the planet. We Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Christie & Christie® have always maintained environmental responsibility as a priority within our business and will continue to do so now and into the future.

 Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta