Nail Snail FAQs


What is a Nail Snail®?
The Nail Snail® is a 3-in-1 baby nail care tool. It is a fingernail and toenail trimmer suitable for newborn babies and children up to 5 years old. It has a nail trimmer, a nail file in the tummy and the tail is an under-nail cleaner.

How does the Nail Snail® work?
The Nail Snail® trimmer is a recessed, V-shaped blade. You catch it on the side edge of the nail and then gently push across the white tip of the nail. It works the same way that scissors glide through wrapping paper without you having to open and close them. The Nail Snail® has no moving parts. The nail file is gently rubbed back and forth over the freshly cut nail to smooth any rough edges. The under-nail-cleaner is gently inserted under the nail and moved from one side to the other, removing any dirt or grime.

How old does my baby or child need to be to use my Nail Snail®?
We recommend that a Nail Snail® can be used on children from 0 – 5 years old. The youngest child that has ever had a Nail Snail® used on them, was a newborn only 2 hours old! The oldest child, that we have heard use a Nail Snail®, was a 14 year-old on his own nails. The Nail Snail® has also been used on premature babies.

Why choose the Nail Snail® over Scissors, Clippers and Files?
The Nail Snail® is a precision tool, designed specifically for trimming soft, tiny nails of babies and children.Traditional baby nail clippers and scissors can be dangerous and can cut the fingertip and skin causing bleeding and trauma. They are a product designed for cutting large, hard adult nails, just made small. Clippers conceal the nail and obscure the view of the tip of the finger, increasing the risk of catching the skin or over clipping. Both these methods also have moving parts, make noise and are often made from a cheap metals which rust and tarnish after only a few years. Nail files are time consuming and do not effectively or efficiently remove the nail. Other common problems include filing the skin on either side of the nail, leaving corners and as a result may lead to ingrown nails and infection. Electric nail files are expensive, noisy, require batteries and replacement pads, are time consuming and are not effective on toddler's or older children's nails. They are also prone to breaking easily, are made from large plastic housing and are not portable.

Why choose the Nail Snail® over biting your child’s nails?
Biting your child’s nail is an unhygienic process, which introduces bacteria snd germs from your mouth into any breaks in your child's skin. Biting can potentially damage your child’s delicate nail bed when you pull the nail and leaves an uneven and ragged edge. Once your child becomes a toddler, teaching them the bad habit of biting their nails can be very hard to break. It can also become very unappealing to put their grubby, little fingers into your mouth. The Nail Snail® is the cleanest and safest way to keep baby nails short.

How often will I need to use my Nail Snail®?
Childrens' nails can grow very quickly. Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails. You may find yourself using your Nail Snail® once a week to keep your child's nail short and clean.

Where can I buy a Nail Snail®?
The Nail Snail® is available for purchase through our website and can be shipped worldwide. Our website also lists our online stockists. If you would prefer to make your purchase through a store we also have a 'Find Your Nearest Store' search function. The Nail Snail® regularly attends Baby Expos where we do live demos. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when we will be next in your area.

How much does a Nail Snail® cost?
The recommended retail price for a Nail Snail® is $19.95 AU or its equivalent worldwide.

Why does the Nail Snail® cost more than clippers or scissors?
We believe that the Nail Snail® price of $19.95 AUD is excellent value for money. So many parents that use the Nail Snail®, consider it priceless as it stops them from injuring and cutting their child's little fingers. Firstly, the Nail Snail® is constructed from the highest quality materials possible and is constructed in an ethically approved manufacturing facility. Its multi-award winning, Australian design, will not rust, tarnish or fall apart, nor does the blade need resharpening. There is no need to replace costly parts, or batteries, nor does it need recharging.

The Nail Snail® can be used from the day your baby is born until, conservatively, 5 years of age or even longer (depending on the strength of your child’s nails). That represents $3.99 per year, or 33c per month, or 7c per week. That's less than 1c a nail! That calculation is just for one child. It will be even more value if you have several children in your household. Once your children have grown out of your Nail Snail®, we recommend you pay it forward and give it to a friend or family member. After all, it is designed to last 30 years! You could even pass it on to your children and your grandchildren! Now THAT'S value for money. This is why the Nail Snail® is priceless. There is no price for your peace of mind and knowing that you are using the best possible product on the market. It is easier, safer and faster than any other product. Hands down, the Nail Snail® out snails the competition and is superior than nail scissors, nail clippers, electric nail trimmers and nail files. When considering the lifetime value of a Nail Snail®, it’s a small price to pay #forhappylittlenails.

Do you Nail Snail® ship overseas?
Yes, we provide international shipping. We use Australia Post to ship Nail Snails all over the world. We also have many international distributors. Please check on our distributor page if they are selling directly in your country.

My Nail Snail® hasn’t arrived yet what should I do?
Please allow up to 10 business days for the delivery of you Nail Snail® within Australia, or up to 20 business days for international postage. After this delivery time has passed, you may then contact us on: Please include your name, address, product details and order number and we will do what we can to help. Please note: Unless you specifically choose to pay for a tracking number - we post without them.

How do I hold my Nail Snail®?
The Nail Snail's clever, ergonomic design allows it to be held in a similar way to gripping a pen. Firmly hold the coloured plastic shell in your dominate hand. The most preferred method, is by pinching the sides which feature the spiral grip, resting the nail file base on the side of your middle finger. You may hole your Nail Snail® any way you feel comfortable.

Can I use it when my child is asleep?
Yes, the Nail Snail® doesn’t make any noisy, clipping sounds. You may find that it is much easier to use your Nail Snail® when your child is awake.

Can I still cut my child?
The Nail Snail® is still a blade, so you do still have to be careful, but it is much safer and easier than clippers, scissors and files. The width of the metal is designed to create a buffer to reduce over trimming. The eye prongs also prevent the Nail Snail® from coming into contact with other fingers during the trimming process. We recommend trying your Nail Snail® on a piece of thick paper first to get the feel of how much force you will need.

Is the Nail Snail® a choking hazard?
The Nail Snail® is specifically designed not to be a choking hazard. It meets the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Anti-choking Requirements. The Nail Snail's dimensions are greater than the recommended Choke Check Safety Tool which mimics the shape and size of a child’s throat. The Choke Check Safety Tool is a cylinder shape which measures 3.17 cm (1.25 inches) in diameter by 5.71 cm (2.25 inches) deep. If you child does put a Nail Snail® in their mouth, it is very easy to lift back out.

Why am I having trouble using my Nail Snail® on my child’s nails?
First, please check that your Nail Snail® is clean and has no nail debris trapped in or blocking the blade. Make sure you hold your baby's fingers pointing away from you. Follow the natural curve of the nail for fingernails and cut straight across for toenails, to avoid ingrown nails. It may be that your child’s nails are too hard. The Nail Snail® is most effective on thicker, harder nails after a bath or shower, when the nails are slightly softened. It may be that you are not holding it correctly. Please refer to our tutorial video for the correct use. Then after following all of these steps, if your Nail Snail® is stil not workign well for you, you may have a faulty Nail Snail®. It is very rare, but it does happen. Please see the FAQ on a faulty Nail Snail®.

I believe my Nail Snail® is Faulty, what do I do?
First, please check that your Nail Snail® is clean. Then, test your Nail Snail® by cutting a piece of thick paper or thin plastic. It should cut smoothly and easily. If the paper crumples and tears, instead of being cut cleanly, please contact Please include in your email, your name, your address, your concerns and where you purchased your Nail Snail®. If needed, please return your Nail Snail® in a padded envelope to Christie & Christie® PO Box 101, Banora Point NSW 2486. We will then test your Nail Snail® and send you a replacement if it is in fact a faulty product.

I’m left handed can I still use the Nail Snail®?
Yes, the Nail Snail® is designed to be an ambidextrous tool and can be used by both right and left hands.

My child has Syndactlyly fused fingers can I use a Nail Snail®?
Yes. The Nail Snail® is especially designed to be used on fused, unique or unusually shaped nails. Please see our blog here

My child has a skin condition such as eczema, dermatitis, or skin rash would you recommend the Nail Snail®?
Yes, the Nail Snail® is very effective at keeping little fingernails and toenails trimmed short and clean, therefore reducing the skin trauma caused by any scratching. The Nail Snail® is recommended by the Eczema Association of Australia as the best baby nail trimmer.

I have a special needs child can I use the Nail Snail®?
The Nail Snail® can be used on babies and children with special needs. The Nail Snail® is a fun, snail, shape making it more child friendly than clippers or scissors. It has no moving parts and makes no noise, therefore not becoming a distraction or contributing to sensory overload. It is especially effective for children with sensory processing disorders such as Aspergers, ADHD or Autism. It is a much safer option than using scissors and clippers. The Nail Snail® is also especially effective for children with Polydactyly or Syndactyly affected conjoined fingers and toes. The Nail Snail® can effectively trim into recesses and creases, which cannot be accessed by scissors, clippers or nail files.

Can I use a Nail Snail® as an adult?
You can if you like, but the Nail Snail® is designed to be used on babies and children's nails from 0 - 5 years old. It is possible to be used on an adult's nails but it can be more difficult, as an adult’s nails are much thicker and stronger than baby nails. It is designed specifically for soft, thin nails. We cannot guarantee the longevity of the blade if you are using it on thick, adult nails.

How long is my Nail Snail® designed to last?
Up to 30 years, is the projected lifespan of a Nail Snail®. The Nail Snail® is manufactured to the highest, possible standards, utilising a medical grade stainless steel and is designed not to rust or tarnish. The product under normal usage, will retain the blade's sharp edge and will not need re-sharpening. We recommend you keep your Nail Snail® in a clean, dry place. A Nail Snail registered® canvas storage bag can be purchased here

Do I ever need to sharpen the Nail Snail®?
No, the Nail Snail® blade is designed to stay sharp for 30 years. It will not rust or tarnish. You may notice a slight resistance as your child’s nails get thicker and stronger as they get older. If you feel that the blade is getting dull, please give your Nail Snail® a thorough clean.

How do I clean my Nail Snail®?
The Nail Snail® can be hygienically cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwasher, or in warm soapy water. After cleaning, dry it thoroughly.

What is a Nail Snail® made from?
The Nail Snail® is made from medical grade stainless steel, non-toxic rubber and baby safe plastic. Please see our Manufacturing Standards & Factory Information

Where are Nail Snails made?
The Nail Snail® is an Australian design and is manufactured with the highest ethical and safety standards in China. Please see our Manufacturing Standards and Factory Information here

How do I become a Nail Snail® distributor?
Please visit the Become A Nail Snail Distributor page on our website and fill out the form. We will then be in contact with you shortly.

How do I become a Nail Snail® stockist?
We would love to have you! If you are a chemist or pharmacy please visit our distributors here. If you are a baby / gift / maternity / online retailer please fill out our Wholesale Application form. Or you can email the Nail Snail® team at We love to support our stockists. Please connect with us on our social media.

I am a chemist, how do I become a Nail Snail® stockist?
If you are a chemist or pharmacy please contact our distributors, found here: Wholesale Chemist & Pharmacy Make sure to contact the person who manages your state in Australia.

I have a Baby Store, how do I become a stockist of the Nail Snail®?
Please visit here: Wholesale Baby & Boutique and fill out the form. We will send you a password and then you can shop directly at our password protected Wholesale Shop. We would love to have you!

I have forgotten my Nail Snail Wholesale Ordering password, what do I do?
Please email our Customer Service Team at customerservice@nail-snail and we will resend you the password.

Who is Christie & Christie®?
We are a 100% Australian family owned company, based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Please read our story here. Our CEO and inventor of the Nail Snail®, is Julia Christie.

Nail Snail® Tips for Use and Care.
Make sure you are holding your baby's fingers facing away from you. Follow along the natural curve of the nail for fingernails and trim straight across for toenails. This will help to avoid ingrown nails. - For more tips on how to use the Nail Snail®, please visit us here - How To Use The Nail Snail