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In 2013, Julia Christie had her first child and immediately joined many parents the world over who were concerned about cutting their babies tiny, delicate nails. Julia started to question the safety of available nail clippers after having an accident when cutting her newborn son's nails. She came up with the idea of the Nail Snail® after yet another round of tears and bloodshed whilst using a traditional set of baby nail clippers to cut her baby boy's nails. Feeling frustrated that no change had been made to the design of traditional methods in over 140 years, she set about creating a better alternative, the Nail Snail®.
The Nail Snail® first appeared as an inspired, draft design at 5am one morning on April 1st, 2014. The Nail Snail® has since grown from this 'eureka' drawing, to become a revolutionary, award winning, baby care product. The Nail Snail® is a 3-in-1, baby nail trimmer, for babies and children, from birth to 5 years. It offers an easier, safer, and faster option than scissors, clippers, nail files, electric nail trimmers and biting. Knowing that she was onto a brilliant idea, Julia has worked tirelessly to bring the Nail Snail® to market, so that parents all the over the world can now confidently trim their babies' precious little nails. #forhappylittlenails
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Christie & Christie® Pty Ltd

Christie & Christie® is an 100% Australian owned, family-run company, based on the sunny Gold Coast and employs a small team of dedicated mums who also have a personal connection with the Nail Snail®. They each help to contribute to the ongoing success of the Nail Snail® and the Christie & Christie® company. At Christie & Christie®, as parents they believe in the best possible care for their children and believe that you and your little ones deserve the same.
The Christie Family 2023
THE CHRISTIE FAMILY - Frangipani Pink - 2022
Julia Christie: Inventor, Founder & CEO, Mother of three, Australian, ex-teacher, jazz singer, red belt in karate, potter, dancer, Spanish speaker, terrible cook....

Our Mission Statement

Vision - To sell the Nail Snail to every parent with a child under 5 worldwide (in developed countries)

Mission - To give parents the confidence to cut their little ones nails. To make trimming tiny nails a breeze.

Why - To remove the stress and heartache of trimming nails, especially for newborn parents.


The Christie & Christie® Team

Julia Christie - Inventor, Founder & CEO

Summer Vrhovac - Customer Service, Order Fulfilment, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Content Creator & Expo Sales

Rachel Gazley - Sales, Marketing, Stockists Manager, Award Applications, Content Creation & Graphic Design

 The Nail Snail Team 2023

L-R: Summer, Julia & Rachel


Julia Christie - Inventor, Founder & CEO

Julia Christie is a mother of three and the inventor of the Nail Snail®. With a background in teaching, she set about educating parents and carers on the benefits of using her Nail Snail® through demonstrations at reputable baby expos all across Australia. In the process, she has amassed a dedicated following of parents, who are happy to spread their positive experience to other parents. 

'CEO of Christie & Christie®' and 'Inventor' are two titles this savvy, mother-of-3 did not anticipate. Julia’s humble beginnings as a school teacher were combined with her love affair with music. Teacher, turned professional Jazz Singer, Julia has entertained many high profile people throughout her music career and is often caught singing a tune, but these days its often Advance Australia Fair at her children's school assembly. After a nail clipping mishap with her then baby boy, she endeavoured to design a nail trimmer that would make cutting babies nails safer and easier for parents to use as well as faster than any other method available.

The Nail Snail® has grown into a multi-award winning product, sold all over the world. With Julia’s hard work, her success continues to grow. Christie & Christie® now employs a number of work-from-home mums and looks to continue to offer employment opportunities to additional work-from-home parents returning to work.

Whilst caring for her family, Julia remains grounded by karate, dancing, enjoying the beach with her kids and takes time out to pursue her passion of pottery. She is currently in the process of writing a children’s book to help inspire youngsters to use their imagination. Julia is consistently growing and developing her business and in doing so, has gained a wealth of expertise. It is this experience, which she uses to give back to the community by donating her time to mentor others; from women in business, to students at local schools and universities. Her generosity also extends to raising funds and awareness of select charitable organisations which support Australian babies and children through the sale of her limited edition Nail Snail®. 

Julia's favourite colour is turquoise blue and you will often find her overloaded with vintage turquoise jewellery. She chose turquoise for the Nail Snail® as she figured she should love the colour as she knew she would spend the rest of her life looking at thousands of them. She also gets just a little miffed if you call it green. HA!


Julia Christie - Nail Snail CEO


Summer Vrhovac - Customer Service, Order Fulfilment, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Content Creator & Expo Sales

Introducing Summer Vrhovac, a wife and mum of 3 boys, affectionately known as the 'Wolf Pack'. With a long employment history of hospitality, including a Bachelor of Business, and a strong focus on customer service, she has sharpened her talents at Christie & Christie®. Having cruised the world and visited over 28 countries, Summer has experienced how so many others live and enjoy life. Her connection with Julia spans four short years, which have been packed with adventure. Having chosen to call the Gold Coast home, put down roots and raise a family, Summer's focus is now improving the lives of parents, families and carers in introducing them to the Nail Snail®. She is brilliant at packing up and  dispatching each and every Nail Snail® with love and care.

Summer's boys have been involved in the business as willing models, road testers and reviewers. Supporting her as she travels to locations throughout Australia demonstrating the Nail Snail® at baby expos, pharmacies and retail stores. Worldwide reach has been made possible by getting the Nail Snail® into homes across the world via eBay, Amazon and most significantly the Nail Snail® website. Summer's passion for home decorating has even seen her home appear in video interviews and photo shoots. With keen plans for expansion, she is excited to see what the future holds for Julia and trusts their relationship as friends and business colleagues, will continue to grow. Summer is truly an especially talented woman and she feels fortunate to be an integral part of this wonderful business.

Summer's favourite colour is the Turquoise Blue Nail Snail® as every time she looks at it, it reminds her of when she worked in Caribbean and would gaze out at the crystal blue ocean.  Such happy memories. 


Summer Vrhovac - Nail Snail Team


Rachel Gazley - Sales, Marketing, Stockists Manager, Award Applications, Content Creation & Graphic Design

Rachel joined the Nail Snail® team and brought with her an amazing array of talents. Between juggling a busy household with two amazing little boys, she finds the time to organise and create all our graphic content.  She liaises with our distributors and tries her hand at every task thrown her way. She is our helpful wholesale customer service representative. Her experience in retail and pharmacy has given us an insight into our stockists experiences and her customer service is exceptional. Rachel is always full of smiles and happy to lend a hand, often surprising Julia with her capabilities and willingness to learn new things. We are so lucky to have her as another of our incredible work-from-home Mums.

Rachel's favourite Nail Snail® colour is purple, a colour she has loved since she was a child - in fact her whole room was even painted purple at one stage! Though now her interior styling has taken on a much more neutral tone, she still tries to add a touch of her favourite colour where she can and loves that we named our limited edition Nail Snail® Jacaranda Purple, as who doesn't think the trees are simply stunning when blossoming?

Rachel Gazley - The Nail Snail Team


Our Range

The first product of Christie & Christie® is the Turquoise Nail Snail®. It is the original nail trimmer and its compact snail shape makes it cute and appealing to children. Its ergonomic design allows for left and right handed use. The Nail Snail® manufacturing team employs engineering specialists who use a sophisticated construction process. Made from high quality materials, the Nail Snail® is dishwasher safe, ensuring it won’t rust, tarnish or fall apart. With no removable or moving parts, there is no need for replacement parts and with a precision trimming blade that will stay sharp for up to 30 years with no ongoing maintenance.
The Canvas Storage Bag featuring our beautiful Nail Snail® logo keeps your Nail Snail® clean and safe.
Finally a limited edition Nail Snail® in our unique colour of choice. A 5% portion of sales is donated to support our chosen charity which benefits Australian babies and children and raises funds for causes close to our hearts.
Nail Snail® is currently available online, eBay, Amazon and is currently available in over 600 physical and online stores worldwide.
The Nail Snail Range 2023