Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news ... we're having a super special 12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY that's really going to add a little sparkle to your life!

As explained above, it all kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday 1st December), whereby we will give away ONE Limited Edition Nail Snail® completely free of charge, with the first order of the day. Then on the next day, we will give away another colour, but this time TWO to the first TWO orders (1 each) and each day it increases from there! In total we are going to give away 78 Nail Snail®s and 35 Canvas Bags - our BIGGEST giveaway EVER!

These are all sample colours that have not been released to the public and feature a sparkle or pearl shine to them, they truly are special!

All you have to do is get in first with your order. Best of luck everyone! We would love to see your photo if you were one of the lucky recipients, tag us @nail_snail_baby.

Also included this week we thought we would start a 'Meet the Team' series for you to introduce all of our newcomers to the Nail Snail® team, and also update you on our much anticipated Nail Snail® Teether.

Have a fabulous week and we wish you all the best!

Julia, Summer, Katrina, Rachel & Billee  -  The Nail Snail® Team

Julia is inventor of the Nail Snail® and CEO boss lady here at Christie and Christie®. She came up with the idea of the Nail Snail® after yet another round of tears and bloodshed whilst using a traditional set of baby nail clippers to cut her baby boy's nails. Now mum to three gorgeous kids, Julia has worked tirelessly to bring the Nail Snail® to market, so that parents all the over the world can now confidently trim their babies' precious little nails. Let's get to know Julia ... 

1. Where are you from, what is your 'hometown'? A farm in Hornsby, NSW.

2. Best 'parent hack' you have come across raising little ones? Can I say “the Nail Snail®?” Or is that too obvious hahaha! When your baby cries, actually watch the clock. It seems like it’s forever, but when you see it’s been 6 minutes that doesn’t feel so bad.

3. Cat person or dog person? Dog, but very specifically my dog Roki, who is a Japanese Spitz. He is my little love. He is so spoilt and whenever I get anxious, he practically crawls on top of me. I love him so much.

4. In your 'spare' time you like to do? Pottery, singing, or visiting op shops.

5. Next holiday destination would be... Dream scenario would be Iceland or a USA road trip to Joshua Tree (when we can fly again) but in Australia …Tasmania! 

6. What's on your Christmas wish list this year? To minimise the 'stuff' buying (I have purchased 70% of my gifts from op shops or have made them). But for me? Spell clothing, Tea from T & C, Period Undies from Thinx and gravel for my succulent garden! 


Unfortunately with all the challenges that 2020 has presented, our Nail Snail® Teether won't be launched before Christmas as we had originally planned. They are on the way, there were a few things we wanted to adjust when the first samples arrived. After all, we want them to be absolutely perfect for your little ones to enjoy! The 'behind-the-scenes' pictures above we were sent from our manufacturer - we sure are fascinated by the process! Thanks for your patience and stay tuned, you will be the first to know when our launch date is set in 2021 ... 

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