WE WON! Annnnd we got picked for the Mum's Grapevine Change Table Checklist!

WE WON! Annnnd we got picked for the Mum's Grapevine Change Table Checklist!

Hello everyone,

Well it's been a big few weeks here at Christie & Christie® and we're sure you're with us when we say "bring on the holidays!" Yes, we've joined the masses and broken our December 1st tradition. The Christmas tree is now up - much to the kiddies delight!

In case you missed it, we were recently named as the winner for the Lux Parent & Baby Awards Best Baby Nail Trimmer! This is a UK Magazine so we are beyond thrilled to be breaking into the international scene. THANK YOU!

We've also been named in the Mum's Grapevine Change Table Essentials List - amazing! Grab yourself a copy if you haven't already. It has everything you need to set up the perfect and practical change table.

As always, thank you for your support and keep your adorable pictures coming (tag @nail_snail_baby). Or if you would rather, you can leave us a review and help make life easier for parents all over the world by clicking here. Have a fabulous week everyone!

 Julia, Summer, Katrina, Rachel & Billee  -  The Nail Snail® Team

The role of a midwife and key medical professionals are important to understand (and make the most of) when you are preparing to welcome a new baby into your world. When we have the best knowledge and are equipped with the best tools (including the Nail Snail®), we can tackle anything. Over the years, we have developed strong connections with a diverse range of people including Doctors, Midwives and Lactation Consultants. Learn more about the role of a midwife, and what various health professionals think of the Nail Snail® in our latest blog.

Baby Nest is your number one source for all things baby & infant. As well as gifts and useful stuff for the Mum-to-Be. Their beautiful store (I mean look at it, it's gorgeous) is located in Albury, but they also have a wonderful range online for those who can't get in to visit. Baby Nest is staffed by people who love the products they sell, including the Nail Snail®.  They are passionate about providing the best possible customer service. They have also recently launched a new store, across from them in the shopping centre, called CLOUD 9 Maternity - stocking all of your maternity wear, accessories and more. So if you, or anyone you know, is expecting a bundle of joy, be sure to stop in and check them out.

Thank you Karen and the Nest Team for your continuing support of the Nail Snail®  xx

**If you are interested in becoming a stockist of the Nail Snail® please reach out to us by clicking here**

With a focus on making mealtime fun for your children, the Little Woods tableware range uses gorgeous bright colours (and a beautiful turquoise shade that we love) with designs that are perfect for little hands and mouths. It is a great range to have in your home. Non-toxic, microwave and dishwasher safe, won't crack or discolour - or absorb nasty odours. What more could you want? The lovely Jade, owner and founder of Little Woods, has even set us up with an exclusive discount code to help you get a jump start on your Christmas shopping or just as a treat for your little one. Check out the gorgeous Little Woods range today and take advantage of this fantastic offer below. Happy Shopping!

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