School is back - Woo Hoo!

School is back - Woo Hoo!
Surely, we weren't the only ones feeling relieved, on the first day, after dropping the kids back at school and day-care - right? We love them more than life itself, but how fantastic is it to have life returning to semi-normal! Tell me, why does a day with kids at home go for 653 hours, then when they are back at school, it feels like only 45 minutes passes and then you must pick them up again?! This week we've taken on a Winter theme with some handy essentials covered, an exclusive discount code, a hint of an upcoming auction and our usual weekly winner.
As always, we love seeing the Nail Snail® in action with your beautiful families, so please share and tag us #forhappylittlenails @nail_snail_baby. Remember we are dispatching orders daily, but if you need a Nail Snail® in a hurry, to ask for us by name at your local pharmacy or baby store. We would also love to hear from YOU, so please, if you have a question, would like to give us some feedback on the Nail Snail®, or would like to see something in particular covered in our bi-monthly newsletter, simply reply to this email. 
Have a fantastic week everyone, we wish you all the very best and hope you've made the most of your long weekend (if you were lucky enough to get one)

- Julia, Summer, Katrina, Rachel & Emma
The Nail Snail® Team

We absolutely love the Beetanicals range and the Baby Bee Well Balm is a staple in our homes for the coming months and sniffle season. We think you will love it too...
Soothe, comfort and support your little one in winter, with 100% natural, Australian botanical ingredients that are safe for your baby from 3+ months of age.

Beetanicals’ award-winning Baby Bee Well Balm is formulated with a unique blend of Australian Beeswax and Australian native botanicals including Rosalina, Kakadu Plum and Quandong combined with Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Spearmint, Cypress, Coconut Oil and Australian Jojoba Oil. Approved by a world expert in aromatherapy and essential oil safety (as suitable for use on babies 3+ months old). Check out the amazing offer, lovely Tanya from Beetanicals has put together exclusively for you, our valued Nail Snail® subscribers:


Beetanicals 100% Raw Australian Stringy Bark Honey 380g

A stronger, darker honey, Beetanicals’ Stringy Bark boasts deliciously aromatic flavours. This honey is a must-have pantry item for aspiring chefs and bakers alike. A tasty accompaniment to tea and toast. For children over 12 months of age. A teaspoon also assists soothing sore throats.


The bush fires at the beginning of the year, were absolutely heart breaking for so many Australians and our local wildlife. As a small business, and mothers ourselves, we felt compelled to do something to help those who could not help themselves. We decided to auction off  9 limited-edition, sample Grey Nail Snails. Paying homage to the koala, they were aptly named Koala Grey. The idea was to auction them off on Instagram, with the aim to raise $250 to donate to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. The bidding drew some exciting results, with one Nail Snail fetching $50! To read more about our fundraising result and visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital click here.

After the success of this and your positive feedback, we have decided to launch another special auction very soon, so keep an eye out for an Instagram post with details in the coming weeks. We also love hearing and seeing your growing Nail Snail® collections - which colour would you like to see next?



With winter upon us and school returning, we know that more than likely, the dreaded sniffles and boogers will also be making a comeback. Thankfully, the incredible Laura from Snotty Noses, has created the quietest and strongest nasal aspirator on the market - the Snotty Boss! With its gentle and flexible nozzle, this little gem will clear your little one's nose in just 10 seconds! Amazing. Safe for children of all ages (including newborns) it is the easiest and safest way to clear congestion, helping them to breathe, eat and sleep better.

The range at doesn't end there. The site sells the best gadgets for good health and good sleep, used and trusted by thousands of Australian families. This includes vaporisers and essential oils, teething mitts, electric toothbrushes, the Angelsounds Mini Doppler and of course our favourite baby essential ... The Nail Snail®!

To check out the Snotty Noses website (they also have same day dispatch for orders placed before 10am) click here or the link below.

Hands up if anyone in your family suffers from Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, or any itchy skin rash? Do you find winter and the drying air from heaters and fires causing flare ups? Remember to use a soap free alternative and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise to keep the itching at bay. Also use your Nail Snail® weekly to keep little fingernails trimmed, short and clean, therefore reducing the skin trauma caused by any scratching. The perfect time to do so for toddlers and older children, is straight after nice warm bath or shower, the nail is softer and will require less force.
The Nail Snail® is even recommended by the Eczema Association of Australia as the best baby nail trimmer, so you know you are using the right tool for the job!


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