Babyology Lists the Nail Snail® as The Number 1 Baby Nail Clipper

Babyology Nail Snail

Babyology has listed the Nail Snail® as the BEST baby nail clipper.

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Not sure where to start with clipping your baby’s speedily-growing nails? We’ve hatched a mini-roundup of three of the best nail clippers for Australian babies. Take a peek and get clipping!

The Nail Snail Babyology

1. The Nail Snail® 

The (stinkin’ adorable) Nail Snail® makes trimming tiny nails a total breeze. It’s a safe, simple, speedy and very snail-ish way to cut little ones’ nails and is designed for use on newborns through to five-year-olds.

The Nail Snail is $19.95 and you can buy direct from Nail Snail® 

Sleeping Baby

How to clip a baby’s nails safely

If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, here are some handy dandy rules to safely-cut and neat baby nails:

  • Press down on their fingertip to keep the skin well away from the nail
  • Hold your baby’s hand firmly
  • Cut your baby’s fingernails along the natural curve
  • Cut your baby’s toenails straight across (not in a curve)

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