Overcoming the Challenge To Find A Nail Snail® Globally

Overcoming The Challenge To Find A Nail Snail

Julia Christie was much like any other new mother, sleep deprived and looking for the best solutions to take care of her baby; keeping him safe and raising him in the best possible way that she could. When it came to cutting her baby’s nails, she didn’t give it much thought, until much to her horror, when cutting her newborns’s nails with a traditional set of clippers, she cut the tip of his finger and drew blood. The emotional trauma this caused her and her baby was significant.  Rather than accept this was just part of the parenting gig, Julia began researching to find a safer alternative to use for trimming those tiny, precious nails. Surprisingly, there was none. In fact she found, no changes had been made to the original clipper design in over 140 years!

Julia Christie Nail Snail Inventor With Family

Realising this was the perfect opportunity to fill a gap in the market and make nail trimming experiences safer and easier for both parent and child, Julia began working to bring her ‘eureka’ drawing to life. 



The Eureka Drawing

After becoming a mother, Julia Christie joined the thousands of parents all over the world, who had had an ‘unfortunate nail clipping accident’ and now feared the dreaded task. Rather than accept this was just part of parenting, Julia became determined to make this part of parenting easier not just for herself, but for all parents globally. The Eureka Drawing happened like all great inventions, when it was least expected. The Nail Snail® as a concept was born from a hand drawn design by Julia Christie, the inventor, founder and CEO of Christie & Christie®, at 5am on the 1st of April 2014. 

Nail Snail® Concept Development

It took 3 years of product development and testing, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, to take the revolutionary new way of trimming baby nails and make it a reality. Now parents all over the world can confidently trim their babies’ precious little nails with ease, all thanks to the multi award-winning Nail Snail®.

Nail Snail Successful Kick Starter Campaign

The Nail Snail Global Mission

Now we (Julia and the team at Christie & Christie®) are on a mission to have a Nail Snail® in the hand of every parent of a child under 5 years old. 

Why The Nail Snail®?

The Nail Snail® offers an easier, safer, and faster option than scissors, clippers, nail files, electric nail trimmers and biting – which is just plain gross. It really makes parent's lives that little bit easier. Unfortunately, it takes time to make our huge mission a reality. We are a little impatient as we want it to happen now! 

Where To Find The Nail Snail®

Judging by the traffic that we get to our Nail Snail® stockist page, we weren't the only ones who want a new way to trim baby nails. We find this immensely gratifying, but the reality is that it does take time, hard work, research and a fair amount of patience to realise our vision.

The challenge of the Pandemic of 2020, is that it has restricted international transportation. Yes, the unfortunate lengthy postage delays and even bans to some countries, has certainly thrown us a curve ball for global expansion. But rather than get too worried about this, or put a pause on things, we saw this as the perfect time to launch the  Nail Snail® on Amazon USA. 



Why is the Nail Snail® On Amazon? 

As it’s the world largest online retailer and go-to site for online shoppers, it makes sense that the number one tool for baby nail care, the Nail Snail®, should be readily available there too! Amazon is also reporting minimal service disruptions, meaning our international customers won’t be kept waiting for their orders.

Excitingly, Nail Snail® is also stocked by over 700 amazing Nail Snail® stockists here in Australia, including Bubs Warehouse, Baby Barn Discounts, Little Kids Business and Snotty Noses. We are also found in a growing number of pharmacies including; Ramsay Pharmacies, Direct Chemist Outlet, Terry White Chemmart and Priceline Pharmacies. This means you can get your hands on your very own essential baby care tool, the Nail Snail® without delay We are always on the lookout for more amazing stockists to join our team as well.

Globally we have a number of  fantastic distributors who are a part of the Nail Snail® extended network who ensure we are stocked in Argentina, Chile, Bahrain, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and the Philippines.

How We Make It Easier To Find A Nail Snail®

We, the Nail Snail® Team, want to do everything we can to help you purchase a Nail Snail® and make nail trimming easier, safer and faster for you and your little one. We are continually working to make our product readily available for parents both here in Australia and internationally.

Nail Snails can be purchased on our website here. Summer (our customer service superstar) works tirelessly to get your orders out to you with daily dispatch Monday to Friday You’ll be happily trimming tiny fingernails and toenails in no time.

Alternatively if you’d rather skip the postage wait and purchase a Nail Snail® in store, use our stockists store locator to find your nearest store by clicking here.

If you are outside of Australia, we recommend visiting our Nail Snail® Amazon USA store.

Article Co-Authored Rachel Gazley & Julia Christie

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