Koala Grey Nail Snail Raises Funds for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Julia Christie Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Devastation has plagued Australia over the past year, with so many affected by drought, which was swiftly followed by bushfires, which ravaged much of Australia and vastly changed the face of our beautiful country. Once lush and green, whole expanses of land have become baron and desolate, void of vegetation and no habitat for our precious wildlife to seek refugee. One of our great Australian icons, the Koala, was one such species which was hit hard, with many sustaining terrible injuries as a result of the bushfires. Thankfully the wonderful staff at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital are specialists trained to care for such animals. 

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Julia Christie Currumbin Hospital


Over the past few months, the media shared the plight of the koalas. Our children would say, “Oh the poor koalas and their babies. Some have have nowhere to live and no mummies to care for them and they are all hurt from the bushfires. We need to help!” As concerned parents and mothers, Julia and the Christie & Christie® team jumped at the call to action.

Koala Grey Nail Snail Currumbin Nail Snail Certificate


Back at the Christie & Christie® office some great ideas were thrown around the room, but the idea which got the green light was to auction off 9 limited-edition, sample Grey Nail Snails. Paying homage to the koala, they were aptly named Koala Grey. The idea was to auction them off on Instagram, with the aim to raise $250 to donate to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. The bidding drew some exciting results with one Nail Snail fetching $50! Our goal was exceeded, through the generosity of our Social Media followers and a grand total of $300 was donated! All of the bids came from Aussies supporting Aussies, which warms our hearts. One of the friendly hospital representatives personally thanked Julia and the Nail Snail® team for their efforts and reminded us that, because of this generous donation, 3 koalas could be helped and hopefully saved…here’s fingers and toes crossed! So from all of us at Christie & Christie®, a big heartfelt thank you to all that showed your support for our fundraising efforts for such a worthy Australian cause.

Summer and Julia Christie

By Summer Vrhovac and Julia Christie

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